Frequently Asked Questions about CNC Router Machines

It was during the early 1970s when CNC or computer numerical control machinery was first invented. Since then, this has changed the way woodworkers use a milling machine, router, and other kinds of equipment. Machines featuring a CNC technology provide a lot of benefits as compared to the conventional woodworking machines.

Better production rate

Improved cutting accuracy

Reduced human error

If you have plans to buy a CNC router anytime soon, but you want to answer some questions in your mind first, read on to discover the things you need to know.

When Should You Use CNC Routers as Replacement for Standard Routers?

There are some things that can show the need to use CNC routers as a replacement for standard routers, and these include:

The need to create intricate woodwork

The failure of standard routers to cater to the increased production demands

The need to improve cost savings by lessening the number of waste pieces

Aside from the ability to cut more accurately compared to standard routers, CNC routers can also cut with better speed. The speed of the CNC router is as equally important as its accuracy for those woodworkers with higher production rate.

How Much is an Average CNC Router?

The price of a CNC router will depend on two factors. These include the machine design, such as the type of vacuum, number of cutter heads, or table size, and the machine grade, whether industrial grade, mid-grade, or hobby grade. With such things in mind, the hobby grade router’s cost is typically under $5,000. The mid-grade router’s average cost is typically under $15,000. The well-equipped industrial grade router’s cost is typically $20,000. Since the cost of CNC routers may differ widely based on some factors, a good way to get a reliable estimate is through consulting professional seller of woodworking machinery.

Does It Make Sense to Buy Used Router?

Due to industrial grade CNC routers are costly and have a long lifespan, most woodworkers consider purchasing the used ones. As with buying used machines, the quality of purchase relies on the seller’s integrity. Once the right steps are taken to confirm the seller’s integrity and the machine’s condition, purchasing used industrial routers is definitely a sensible choice.

Kind of Training Necessary to Operate CNC Routers

To operate CNC machines, woodworkers should train to use the software program which controls it. Training regimen for majority of router machines consists of a mixture of computer-based training and first person trainings. Majority of trainees may learn to run machines within weeks and master the operation within months. Mastering the use of manual routers could take years.

The Bottom Line

Invented in the 1970s, CNC router machines have changed the wood routing’s performance. These days, they’re the optimal choice for the woodworkers who experience high production demand, should generate intricate pieces, and have to cut costs through reducing some waste pieces. To know more about purchasing new and used CNC machines, consult with sellers of used and new woodworking machinery.

CNC machines can also be used for textile cutting. See an example of a textile cutting pro.

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